Building a Strong Neighborhood Together

Neighborhood Potluck BBQ on August 6

Neighbors, let’s get together on Tuesday August 6 for “National Night Out”. This is an event across the country where residents will meet up to stand for strong communities and against crime. We do this event every year, so come on out and be a part of it. It’s easy to drive home and close the garage door as quickly as possible, but if we don’t ever see residents, our neighborhood can slowly become weak. That’s why this night is so important (and it’s fun).

This is a POTLUCK, so you’re invited to bring something to share if you can. We’ll provide a grill to BBQ. Let us know if you can help with things like music, pop-up tents, drinks, tables, games, or anything else.

When: August 6, 2012, 6:30-8:30pm-ish
What: Potluck BBQ for the entire family
Where: 10267 Croydon Way
Who: Neighbors, RCPD and hopefully council members
Why: Mingle with neighbors (this builds a strong neighborhood)
How Much: FREE

Contact Ryan & Jenny 595-3735 for details. If you are a neighborhood resident, please sign up for the private neighborhood site at


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Beautification Day in Cordova Towne

We’re going to get together on the last Saturday of this month to spruce up our neighborhood. Residents of all ages are welcome to attend and be a part of steering the neighborhood in the right direction. Let’s flex some neighborhood muscle!!

Event Details: On April 27, 2013 at 9am, we’re going to meet on the corner of Croydon & Mather Field Rd to paint the “Cordova Towne” letters white. If you look closely at each corner, you can see they need to be re-painted since they were freshly installed nearly 2.5 years ago. Additionally we’ll walk around the neighborhood to pick up garbage. We have a limited number of paint brushes, so please bring a brush or paint tray if you have one. Additionally, if you have bags to bring for garbage, please bring those too. If anyone would like to donate coffee or water, speak on. We’ll have some people stay to paint and others walk around on garbage duty. We’ll meet for 90 minutes most likely (or 2 hours at the most). Come and go as you please.

What can you do? Come to the event of course. But on top of that if you have a project you’ve been planning for the front yard, why not kick it off during the last week of the month? Or if your yard is looking tired or unkempt, why not give it some attention? We’d love to see small improvements throughout the neighborhood. After all, it’s is up to all of us to steer the neighborhood in the right direction.

By the way, here is a video of Mayor Linda Budge talking about ways to make Rancho Cordova beautiful and dealing with simple things like abandoned shopping carts, bulk trash pick-ups, etc… Give it a quick watch below.


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New Sign on Mills Park Drive / Opportunities

We have great news!! City Hall has given us the green flag to move ahead with our plans for the sign. A few days ago they approved the design that Ainor Signs graciously donated to us.

What happens now? If all goes well, we’ll hope to install the sign in mid-November to early December. Before that though, we do need some help with several things. Here are four ways to get involved. Don’t be shy. This project will ONLY happen if we get the following things done:

1) Pass out flyers: We need a group of people to canvas the neighborhood to pass out flyers in the neighborhood. We may do two rounds depending on what we need to communicate.

2) Plan the celebration: We need help planning a party to officially welcome the new sign (we’ll invite media too). It would be great to have one resident volunteer to help be the planner and then others volunteer to help with logistics. This is not a major block party or huge undertaking, but rather something low-key and connective to sip on drinks and eat a bit. If nobody steps forward, we’ll axe the idea.

3) Fence installation crew: We need a few more residents to help install a new fence on the property behind where the sign will go. Thank you to those who have volunteered already. This will be the backdrop to the sign.

4) Clean-up help: We need a handful of residents to help clean up the general area surrounding the sign. There is quite a bit of debris. It would be ideal to have 5 people volunteer.

Thank you for your support. Let’s keep moving forward. Please join the eGroup if you live in the neighborhood. We need residents to talk with each other, report crime and stand strong together.


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National Night Out BBQ: August 2, 2011

Next Tuesday is “National Night Out”, which is an event across the country where neighbors will get together to stand against crime to promote strong neighborhoods. We certainly want our neighborhood to keep growing in the right direction, so this is a great opportunity for all of us.

Please join other residents on Tuesday August 2, 2011 to do some grilling and mingling. This is a potluck, so you’re invited to bring something to share if you can. We’ll provide hot dogs and a grill. Let us know if you can help with things like music, pop-up tents, drinks, dessert, plates or napkins.

When: August 2, 2011, 6-8pm-ish
What: Potluck BBQ for the entire family
Where:  10267 Croydon Way
Why: Meet some neighbors & PD and eat dinner together
Cost:  Free. Bring some food to share if you can.

Contact Ryan & Jenny L at 916-595-3735 or email through the neighborhood website.


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Vote on the two-phase plan for Mills Park Drive

We are asking all residents throughout the White Rock area of Rancho Cordova to vote on what to do about the eastern pillar on Mills Park Drive. Additionally, we would like to get input from any locals in Rancho Cordova too. A Mills Park Drive committee has formed as a result of the Community Safety Forum a couple weeks ago. Our committee has adopted a tremendous two-phase plan that we’re submitting to you for approval. Vote “yes” or “no” on the right side of sidebar (on the White Rock website) after watching the video below (or HERE).

Questions? Call Ryan at 916.595.3735 or Linda at 916.206.6539.


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New White Rock Neighborhood website

Please check out the new White Rock Neighborhood website. This site will serve the entire White Rock area, of which Cordova Towne is a part of (southwestern corner of White Rock). You can get on the email list for Mills Park Drive updates too.


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Would you be willing to pass out flyers?

We are looking for some residents willing to pass out flyers to the community to help invite local White Rock residents to the Community Safety Forum. It’s so important that we gather and really voice our opinions on what needs to be done to improve safety in our neighborhood. If interested, you can pass out flyers on a particular street or area. Just let us know. Call 595-3735 or comment below.

Also, thank you to Mayor McGarvey who has provided funds for 1000 flyers to be printed for this event. We sincerely appreciate the Mayor’s quick response and availability of funds to do this.

Strong neighborhoods happen when we are a team. Let’s keep finding very practical and simple ways to grow together as a team for the sake of our neighborhood.


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Cordova Towne is now on Facebook

We are very excited to be on Facebook now. Nicole created a page for us and it’s going to be a great way to stay in touch. We’d love to have you “like” the page when you have a moment. Just click on the following link and click “like” at the top of the page.


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