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Block BBQ Party Details: Sign Up

We did a Block Party survey on Wednesday in order to find out if neighbors would like to do a Block Party in September, and the resounding answer is “yes”. The Block Party will be on Saturday, September 22nd at (time TBA). Croydon may be the best street for this since it is a main entrance point, but let’s talk together and decide.

We will move forward, but if this is to happen, we must promote this and pull it off as a team. Below are listed categories to volunteer for, and when someone volunteers for one, the category will be highlighted blue instead of red. The way you can volunteer is to comment below, email, or call 595-3735. Please volunteer soon so that we can know if this is truly an event we can move forward with. If not enough people commit to the simple items below, then we’ll know that this is not something to spend our time on. We will have a Planning Meeting TBA very soon in order to pull together some more details. It would be very helpful to talk about this with neighbors too so that we can get as many people involved as possible.

Opportunities to Volunteer:
- Bring a dish of food (this will be a potluck, so we’ll ask everyone to bring something to share) (many people) (Elaine, Mark & Sara, Ryan & Jenny, Queen, Joanna & William, Ruth: we’ll keeping adding names as people commit)
- Signs: make signs to promote through neighborhood (at least 5-6 to stake into ground) (1 or multiple people)
- Set up before event – (need maybe 3-5 people) (Elaine)
- Tear down / Clean-up after event (need maybe 3-5 people Joanna)
- Tables: track down tables to use for this event (multiple Joanna – 1 table and 1 kids picnic table, Queen may have some, Ryan- 1 table, Holly- 1 card table and 2 other tables)
- Chairs: track down some chairs for the event (multiple) (Elaine- 6 chairs, Ryan- 8-10 chairs, Joanna- 10-12 chairs)
- Plates and utensils: provide enough for everyone (Joanna & William)
- Games: Anyone want to plan games for kids? (1 or multiple people)
- Music: Live or CDs (must be appropriate for all ages) (Queen)
- Permits: work with City to get permit approved. (Queen)
- Block off street: provide a way to block off the street (1-2 people Rich & Janel)
- Point Person: be the point person to help pull this event off (Ryan)
- Donations: anyone want to donate $20 to cover the permit? (Elaine)
- Make a flyer (1 person)
- Provide non-alcoholic drinks (multiple)
- Bring a Grill so people can BBQ (multiple: Mark & Sara, Janel)
- Pass out flyers (multiple: Janel)
- Trash Cans (Joanna – 1, Ryan & Jenny – 1)
- Other: Do you have any other ideas or creativity to throw into the mix? Maybe you’ve done a Block Party before.

If we are to have this be a community building event, what can we do to make this highly effective?


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